Dual Band: Digital Consumption and Live Arts Experience

September 26, 2016 – Following the spring’s pre-consultation, the Department of Canadian Heritage is now going broad band with the next phase of the consultation on Canadian Content in a Digital World, also known as #DigiCanCon. The performing arts sector is also diving in with its own processes.

Content in Context

The Canadian Content consultation is inviting Canadians to read background documents, to share ideas online, and to participate in live events across the country, as well as social media events.

The consultation paper offers useful information on consumption habits – to these, we’d also like to recommend CAPACOA’s own exploration of time use and recreation spending. The consultation paper also proposes three guiding principles for the consultation, the latter two of which are also very relevant for performing arts presenters:

Principle #1: Focusing on citizens and creators

Principle #2: Reflecting Canadian identities and promoting sound democracy

Principle #3: Catalyzing social and economic innovation

#DigiCanCon: Have your say!

A Live Arts Perspective

Digital Innovation Council for the Performing ArtsIn conjunction with the Canadian Content consultation, CAPACOA has launched the Digital Innovation Council for the Performing Arts. This national initiative will seek to identify and investigate opportunities for emerging digital technologies in the performing arts. While the timing for the Digital Innovation Council goes beyond that of the consultation, early findings from the Council will be brought forward for consideration as part of the DigiCanCon.

In addition to conducting a literature review, the Digital Innovation Council will partner with existing events to gather input from the sector and to coalesce participants into a community of practice.


Live dialogue session in conjunction with Arts Day on the Hill

October 24, 2016, 14:30 – 17:00

This live dialogue session, jointly held by the Canadian Arts Coalition and CAPACOA, will both explore themes related to digital innovation and inform a roundtable discussion with the Minister of Canadian Heritage as part of Arts Day on the Hill. This event is free.


Knowledge Café with CINARS and CAPACOA

November 15, 2016, 14:15 – 16:00

This professional development session co-presented by CINARS and CAPACOA will involve small group discussions on several themes, including aspects of digital innovation. Registration to CAPACOA @ CINARS or to the CINARS Biennale is required to attend this event.


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