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Upcoming Initiatives

CAPACOA is developing digital exchanges, roundtables and relationship development activities through 2021.  These structured business-to-business dialogues are a response to COVID-19 pandemic conditions, and intended to maintain sectoral momentum throughout the current instability.

International Market Development for Agents and Managers (IMDAM2020)

CAPACOA will launch a digital exchange exploring key markets of interest for Agents and Managers.

The IMDAM2020 will convene a virtual delegation for a series of networking meetings that share information and exchange ideas about touring, artists, and emerging work.  The exchange will explore the situation in other markets with respect to recovery planning, and current market conditions. Canadian agents and managers bring their extensive experience in international touring to the table, with insights on market conditions, business relationships, and the logistics of touring.  They have ground level experience with international business development, and the legal and regulatory frameworks for export.