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The Succession Plan (TSP) is a mentorship and peer network development program for emerging and mid-career presenters, artistic directors, administrators, agents, managers and other arts professionals. The program seeks to provide leadership, foster innovative thinking and equip participants with the tools and resources necessary to be active participants in the development of arts and culture in their community.

The TSP provides training at three levels (Tier 1, Tier 2 & Mentorship Training), and is comprised of five components embedded into a host event (such as the annual CAPACOA Conference, or other partner events):

1. One-on-one mentorship: Participants work with two mentors from the national community during the event (1.5 hrs daily) and throughout the subsequent year (parameters to be provided);

2. Opportunities to network with peers in small and in large groups to discuss the new realities of working in the arts and other relevant issues related to their work.

3. TSP Tier 1 and 2 participants will work within the ‘Continuous Professional Development Plan’ program (see below) to refine their professional and personal goals within a peer coaching context.

4. Mentor training with arts consultant Ms Ottie Lockey to develop mentorship resources and skills prior to working with participants;

5. Experience of the host event’s showcases, performances and special programming within the TSP framework.

The TSP can be integrated into different partner events, such as conferences, festivals and presenters programs. To date, CAPACOA has delivered the TSP program at the National Arts Centre’s Prairie Scene Festival and the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (OCFF) annual conference. Please contact our Membership and Outreach Development Manager Erin Barnhardt to discuss how to include this valuable mentorship and peer network program at your event.


TSP Tier 1

The TSP Tier 1 is the first stage of entry into the CAPACOA training environment for emerging and mid-level arts professionals. Participants will:


  • Begin to develop a professional and personal plan for the next 3-5 years (Continous Professional Development Program);
  • Work directly with two mentors throughout the conference/event;
  • Participate in the peer network discussions, and
  • Will be partnered with a participant in the TSP Tier 2 program to help with orientation to the conference.

This program is an excellent opportunity for emerging arts professionals to spend time working through questions that they have about their work, meet individuals at the same level in their career and begin to create a vision for their next steps. It is also a way to experience the CAPACOA conference (or partner event) within a safe, supportive and informative peer group. Relationships built during the TSP can last a lifetime.


TSP Tier 2

Offered to alumni of the Tier 1 program, the TSP Tier 2 is a personalized professional development experience based on the ‘Continuous Professional Development Plan’ created by the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) and arts consultant, Ms Ottie Lockey.

During the TSP Tier 2 program, mid-career arts professionals work in a facilitated peer coaching setting to build a robust and creative 3-5 year strategic plan for their career development. They gain a comprehensive understanding of their strengths, challenges and objectives, while also learning about active listening and coaching.

TSP Tier 2 participants continue to work with their peers throughout the year to check-in on their progress, share resources and discuss the ongoing evolution and evaluation of the TSP program.


Mentorship Training

CAPACOA is pleased to introduce new Mentor Training Resources at the 2013 conference. In collaboration with Ottie Lockey, CAPACOA has created a set of resources and activities to help arts leaders hone their mentorship skills, gain confidence within this particular learning model and help emerging and mid-level career arts professionals develop their craft. The facilitated workshop offered to CAPACOA mentors will help to

  • Identify and respond to gaps in mentorship skills, the differences between mentorship and coaching, and
  • Will provide practical advice about how to establish and foster a healthy mentorship dynamic.

We will pilot our mentor training program in January 2013, and will also include these resources on our website. Please stay tuned for further details.

If you are interested in becoming a CAPACOA mentor[1], please contact Erin Barnhardt

1 The CHRC provides the following definition of in their research about mentorship and coaching:

“An experienced, respected, and credible person (mentor) providing personal and confidential assistance to enhance the learning and professional development of a less experienced person (protégé) through guidance, counselling, role modelling, and by sharing his / her experience, expertise, and vision.”
Training Offerings Survey and Training Needs Assessment, Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC), 2005



The program is open to emerging and mid-career presenters, agents, managers, arts administrators and other arts professionals from diverse backgrounds, regions, urban/remote communities and large/small organizations across artistic disciplines.*



Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Be currently employed/working in the performing arts;
  2. Have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience in the arts;
  3. Must have the ability to attend and fully participate in The Culture of Place, CAPACOA’s Conference from January 23-26th in Toronto, ON.


Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Be alumni of the TSP Program (i.e. 2010, 2011 CAPACOA Conference, Prairie Scene Festival, OCFF Conference editions);
  2. Be currently employed/working in the performing arts;
  3. Must have the ability to attend and fully participate in The Culture of Place, CAPACOA’s Conference from January 23-26th in Toronto, ON.



$150.00 per participant (covers materials and resources).

*[Pls note: participants must be registered for the 2013 CAPACOA conference. Unfortunately CAPACOA is not able to provide subsidies at this time for registration, travel or accommodation. Some provincial/national funding programs may provide support – please speak with program officers.]



Candidates should complete the application and submit all required material by Friday, November 30th, 2013. Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of CAPACOA Staff and Conference Committee Members. Candidates will be notified of their application status by December 14th, 2012 Participants must register for the CAPACOA Conference in advance of the program, in order to take part in some preparatory activities and to enable adequate mentorship matching.

Please note that participants will be required to complete a comprehensive evaluation about their experience in the CAPACOA TSP Program and Conference.



1. 2013 TSP Application Form;

2. Responses to questions listed on application form;

3. A copy of your CV.

Applications in electronic format preferred, but can also be faxed to 613-562-4005.



The TSP Program can accommodate approximately 5 participants for each tier. If we are unable to include you in 2013 we will keep your application on file for future consideration. All applicants will be contacted in advance of announcement of the final participant list.


What Participants are saying about the TSP

“As an emerging arts presenter, one of my critical needs is to build a network of domestic peers - both experienced arts professionals and emerging leaders in the field. This program offered me the fantastic opportunity to meet a great number of people in these categories. Building such a network gives me the opportunity to continually build my understanding of the music industry, with specific focus on presenting, in this country. The most important outcome of this experience is/was the 'immersion'. Taking four full days to intensively think about what we present and the way we present it as well as one's personal and professional trajectory is such a rare opportunity to be creative, innovative, and reflective.” Stefania Paterak, Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall, participant

“My experience in the TSP was amazing. The most important outcome of this experience was that I now feel connected to a strong peer group and am excited about our interaction in the future. I feel that this is only the beginning.” Sara Palmieri, Brock University Centre for the Performing Arts, participant

“I love this program. I feel really lucky to be a part of it.  It's a great thing to be developing contacts with our peers across the disciplines and the country.  I love getting to see each other once or twice a year and build relationships that will only strengthen with time.” Ann-Marie Williams, CanDance Network, participant

“It is rare to have dedicated and purposeful time allocated specifically for conversation about ones career, especially for young mentees. The only time in the year I find myself in a mentorship role is in this program, and the connection that happens is very personal and leads to more interest and investment in my peers and colleagues than any amount of networking would otherwise provide”. Aengus Finnan, Ontario Arts Council, mentor

“Learning through others' experiences is invaluable - no matter where you are in your career - but it is especially important for younger professionals. Much of our work is learning on the job and trial and error. Also, many of us work in isolation. Contact and communication, where we share ideas and experiences, cannot be underestimated. It can be our inspiration to do more and our aspiration to do better.” Paul Gravett, Vancouver Recital Society, mentor


Past Participants and Mentors


Karen August, Market Hall (Peterborough, ON)

Joey Balducchi, Spherical Productions (Guelph, ON)

Kenna Burima (Calgary, AB)

Chantal Cimon, Plac’art (Montreal, QC)

Nicole Cornish, Toronto Dance Theatre (Toronto, ON)

Andrea Davison, Honens International Piano Competition (Calgary, AB)

Tina DesRoches, Eaglewood Folk Festival (Pefferlaw, ON)

Valerie Hillier, The Fredericton Playhouse (Fredericton, NB)

Tim Jones, FACTOR (Toronto, ON)

Michael-Owen Liston, Tranzac Club (Toronto, ON)

Adrian Martin, Haliburton County Folk Society (Haliburton, ON)

Catherine McInnes, Home County Folk Festival (London, ON)

Sara Palmieri, Brock University, Centre for the Performing Arts (St. Catherine’s, ON)

Pearl Rachinsky, Folk on the Rocks (Yellowknife, NWT)

Rob Reid, World Famous Music (Ottawa, ON)

Noora Sagarwala, Manifesto Festival (Toronto, ON)

Annie Wilson, Suitcase In Point (Toronto, ON)



Kurt Bagnell, Banff Centre (Banff, AB)

Sam Baijal, Hillside Festival (Guelph, ON)

David Baile, International Society for the Performing Arts – ISPA (New York, NY)

Majdi Bou-Matar, MT Space (Kitchener, ON)

Chris Dearlove, Scene Festivals – National Arts Centre (Ottawa, ON)

Aengus Finnan, Ontario Arts Council (Toronto, ON)

Paul Gravett, Vancouver Recital Society (Vancouver, BC)

Jane Harbury, Jane Harbury Publicity (Toronto, ON)

Brenda Heatherington, Burlington Performing Arts Centre (Burlington, ON)

Mike Hill, Mariposa Folk Festival (Orillia, ON)

Joyce Hinton, Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (Vancouver, BC)

Jeanne Holmes, Dancemakers (Toronto, ON)

Jennifer Johnson, EPCOR Centre (Edmonton, AB)

Russell Kelley (Ottawa, ON)

Andrew Kwan, Andrew Kwan Artists Management Inc. (Toronto, ON)

Kelly Langgard, Canada Council for the Arts (Ottawa, ON)

Chris Lorway (Toronto, ON)

Kasia Morrison, JazzEast (Halifax, NS)

David Pay, Music on Main (Vancouver, BC)

Heather Redfern, The Vancouver East Cultural Centre (Vancouver, BC)

Cindy Reid, The Vancouver East Cultural Centre (Vancouver, BC)

Phyllis Stenson, Harrison Festival for the Performing Arts (Harrison Hot Springs, BC)

Tim Yerxa, Fredericton Playhouse (Fredericton, NB)


TSP Tier 2

Erin Barnhardt, CAPACOA

Andrea Burgoyne, Frostbite Music Festival

Stefania Paterak, Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall

Joyce Rosario, New Works

Lucy White, Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT)

Ann-Marie Williams, CanDance Network


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