2017 Conference Proceedings

Here are the presentations and other materials provided during the 2017 professional development sessions.


Arts, Belonging and You

“Arts build community pride and belonging.” Although everyone generally agrees with this, we didn’t know whether that was actually true and why. The publication of Vital Signs: Arts and Belonging answered these and many other questions. But we yet have to answer the most important one: so what? What does it change for creators and presenters to know that there exists a connection between arts and sense of belonging? The answers are yours to find. The actionable insights are yours to co-create. And this dynamic workshop is where it will happen.


Arts, Belonging and You

Additional resources:

Vital Signs: Arts and Belonging – full report and communication toolkit


Hand in Hand: Community Engagement and Community-Engaged Arts Practice

Audience development, community engagement, and community-engaged practices are all part of a continuum of engagement between art and the public, aren’t they? Or not really… ? Along with four community engagement and art for social change experts, we will shed some light on that continuum (or spectrum?). We will be presented with a range of successful engagement stories and we will experience first-hand (and feet) the latest trends in community-engaged practices. Then we will create a space for dialogue and for pin pointing what community engagement opportunities are best suited to your particular context.


Introductory presentation on social circus and community-engaged dance

Community engagement basics

Sample art for social change projects

Additional resource:

Recap blog post by Julie Lebel

Arts Engage Canada


Accelerating Expansion: New Spectator Experiences

The digital question is no longer whether shows streamed over the internet can drive audience away from the live performance. The digitization of the performing arts is actually taking many other, more thrilling, tangents. It is reinventing the spectator experience, expanding it across media, space and time. In this session, René Barsalo will help us envision the potentials of tele-presence and immersive experiences. Then Justine Chapleau will take us into the realms of transmedia storytelling and interactive experiences. Do not expect linearity.


Interactivity at the National Film Board


Are You Really "in" the Web? Open Data, Linked Data, and Digital Discoverability

Open data and linked data are all about information flows and meaningful connections. This presentation is not about technology, it is about how information is used in a digitally connected world and what presenters should know to make a better use of their information assets in that new context. The concepts of open and linked data will be explained with simple and concrete examples.


Open Data, Linked Data, and Digital Discoverability


Data Collaboration: A Practitioner’s Guide to Privacy and Marketing in the Digital Economy

Working session to evaluate the current situation of how information-sharing works today between venues, presenters, ticketing companies and Canadians. Based on this landscape, we will together develop specific proposals for how to develop useful, legally shareable customer databases among arts organizations.


Privacy and marketing in the digital economy

Additional resource:

Recap blog post by Inga Petri


Great Knowledge Café

Market Access: China

A snapshot of Canada's Creative Industries

You can’t control AI, but you can control what AI knows about you