"The CAPACOA experience gave FIXT POINT an unparalleled opportunity to pitch our project The Tale of a Town to presenters from across the country, leading to numerous confirmed partnerships. To be showcased in front of such a widely respected audience through this high calibre platform allowed us to highlight our project in the best light possible!"

Charles Ketchabaw, Managing Director, FIXT POINT

Pitch Sessions

Pitches are open to agents, producing/ touring organizations and artists who wish to promote tour-ready work that is new/innovative and that is not part of a regular roster or work that has toured extensively before.

This session will be webcast live with the support of Max Digital et Sound Systems Plus.

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2015 Pitch Sessions!

The Pitch Sessions are opportunities to discover new and innovative works that are ready to hit the road. Beware: these intimate encounters with audacious creators may take you into unchartered territories.

The Pitch Sessions will take place on Saturday, January 24th from 9:30-11:00 am, and will also be webcast.


A Story From One of the 2013 Pitching Companies, Debajehmujig Storytellers...

CAPACOA Pitch Session – The Global Savages

Having only a few days to create our first official pitch of The Global Savages, we were initially intimidated by the tightly controlled format and process established for these sessions. As a company of artists we had been migrating towards our traditional practices increasingly over the last decade, and this world of networking was growing foreign to our experience, in our context, in our home, where the person holding the talking stick speaks as long as they need to. At the same time, the artist within us was enticed by the creative challenge of explaining who we are, what we have to share, and why it is important – in seven minutes.

At its foundation, a Pitch Session is a gift. It is space and time. It is a window, and it has a quality of light and sound carried on a breeze coming from a specific direction. For us, it was from our Island home in Lake Huron. Our window would be open for seven minutes, and so we asked ourselves “what effect did we want the open window to have on those experiencing it in the room?”

We knew instinctually that first and foremost, we wanted a sense of calm. Our goal was to establish conditions that invite people into relationship with us. We thought this would be more effective with a whisper than a roar, and indeed it seemed to be welcomed and appreciated because it created many different entry points to begin a dialogue.

Pitching The Global Savages was a relaxing pleasure under these conditions. It immediately resulted in many conversations and new relationships, in addition to a handful of excellent bookings. Just as importantly, I think it taught us all something about each other, about working together honourably and equitably at this national and international, networking level. As a rural, culturally specific, professional community based, multi-disciplinary organization – how were we to find our place at this CAPACOA gathering? We found it through an elegant and respectful dance between the organizers and our company, whereby we each forgave the clumsy steps of the other, because we wanted to dance together. With this, we arrived at the understanding that this window – this seven minutes – was ours. While the window is open, we control where our shadows fall. And this is important to us.

Ron Berti

Artistic Producer/Executive Director

Debajehmujig - Storytellers


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