Pitch Sessions November 2015

Pitches are open to agents, producing/ touring organizations and artists who wish to promote tour-ready work that is new/innovative and that is not part of a regular roster or work that has toured extensively before.


2015 Pitch Sessions

The Pitch Sessions are opportunities to discover new and innovative works that are ready to hit the road. Beware: these intimate encounters with audacious creators may take you into uncharted territories.

The Pitch Sessions took place on Saturday, November 28th from 10:30-11:45 am.



Jabber by Marcus Youssef, Geordie Productions

Let’s say three actors play out a story that takes place in a high school. Let’s say one of them plays an outgoing Egyptian-born girl who wears a Hijab. Let’s say her parents made her change schools recently because of some graffiti that said, “All Muslims must die,” and that the guidance counsellor at her new school, Mr. E, is doing his best to help her fit in. Let’s say that a big part of his advice to her is to stay away from Jorah, a grade 10 guy who has challenges of his own (namely a temper that he inherited from his dad who’s in jail for beating up his mom.) But let’s say that maybe, just maybe, Fatima and Jorah start to, like, like each other…

Contact: Jessica Abdallah - Education and Outreach Manager / 514-845-9810


BARAM & SNIECKUS, National Theatre of the World

Written & Performed by Matt

Baram & Naomi Snieckus This award-winning comedy duo has created a hybrid sketch / improv / theatre piece that is all laughs! Real-life couple Matt Baram (Nickelodeon’s Make it Pop) and Naomi Snieckus (CBC’s Mr. D), come together to satirize the male/female dynamic in all its complicated and comedic splendor. From that familiar awkward first kiss with your cousin to the unexplored territory of “spaceship infidelity”, BARAM & SNIECKUS showcases the universal story of men and women told through a satirical sketch comedy lens. Their fresh style, sharp wit and crackling chemistry will be revealed during their CAPACOA Pitch!

Contact: Tammy Fox - Fox Entertainment Agency / 905.800.0744


Les billes (marbles), Tara Luz Danse

"Les billes" (marbles) is a poetic work for four dancers inspired by dreams and filled with curiosity and light. This image-rich piece is inspired by a game choreographer Anik Bouvrette plays where she says: “When I close my eyes, in my imagination, I see…”. "Les billes" is her answer to this question. When the lighting dims, the audience is transported to an imaginary world filled with movement, marbles, bubble gum and hula hoops lit from within. "Les billes" is intended for an audience of all ages (children, youth and the general public). The work premiered in March 2012 in Ottawa (Shenkman Arts Centre) and excerpts have been presented in Vancouver (New Works) as well as on two tours in Ontario within francophone networks of presenters programming.

Tara Luz Danse is available to tour between February and April 2017.

Contact: Anik Bouvrette Artistic and Executive Director Tara Luz Danse /613-580-2424 ext. 27227 



Stories & Songs of Stompin' Tom, Whiskey Jack

Jen Cook, one of the stars of our show, will share a short history of the show, how it began and talk a bit about some of the performances in Canadian communities. There's a reason Tom's audience is so very loyal and passionate. The audiences we've enjoyed these past two years have had an appetite for not just their favourite Stompin' Tom songs, but also for the stories the band members have been part of since 1990. Our pitch will help you understand why this is that way. Tom's fans are like no others...they feel that they knew Tom personally and our presentation will offer a taste of how this came to be and why it continues to this day. Part of our power point presentation will include video footage from our show and actual audio clips of Tom relating to his audience recorded at concerts we've performed with Tom across Canada. There's also video footage from our 1993 Canada Day Show with Tom on Parliament Hill.

Jen will share some stories surrounding the making of the Stompin' Tom persona and the importance this has been to the National psyche. Expect to learn about Tom the man, the loyal Canadian who proudly boasted about his country and gave Canadians permission to enthusiastically wave the flag. The importance of this man is played out in the stories surrounding his encounters with the Canadian music establishment and others. Our presentation will offer some understanding of why Canadians continue to revere him.

Contact: Marilyn Gilbert, Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management, Inc. / 647.465.8004


Various Artists, Agence Station bleue


Victor Quijada is presenting a new mix from his repertory Stretching from hip-hop in its first forays to the mastery of contemporary tendencies, Vic's Mix will be a watershed moment, constituting a bridge connecting the works realized until now by Victor Quijada and a look back at pieces that established the company’s choreographic identity.

Ensemble Caprice, iLove Baroque / Short Stories and Voices of Eternity

Eight short stories and eight sets of exciting music by Bach, Vivaldi, Purcell and others. This new program (and new CD) creates a lively atmosphere designed to engage the audience in an evening of drama, joy, humour and melancholy. 5 musicians: 2 flutes, guitar, celoo and percussion

Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble

The Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble pays tribute to our very own Oscar Peterson with exceptional pianist Taurey Butler! Born in Montreal in 1925 in the working-class neighbourhood of Little Burgundy, Oscar Peterson became one of the most important pianists in the entire history of jazz. Recognition of his talent quickly spread far beyond his hometown.


Virtuosity, musicality, elegance, sensuality and humor: Quartango’s music evokes deep emotions … even after 25 years! Comprising four highly accomplished musicians, bound by their shared passion for the tango and driven by an unceasing desire to make a close connection with their audience, Quartango offers a performance filled with subtle nuances and a blend of colours that reflects both the classics and modernity and the effervescence of the milonga. Winner of a 2015 JUNO awards for instrumental album of the year for Encuentro. Three different programs: Encuentro, Tangopera, Body and Soul.


Contact Élisabeth Comtois 514-273-3093 et Marco Fortier 514-529-5966, Agence Station Bleue




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