Evening Showcases

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

7:15 PM

Location: Various Venues


1. Zuppa Theatre Co.

“Pop Up Love Party”

The Company House

7:15 PM

(a work-in-progress philosophical feast)

Once upon a time in Athens…a group of leading public figures got together for a drinking party, during which they each gave toasts in the name of love. Now, 2400 years later, Zuppa Theatre Co. re-imagines that famous conversation, with a little help from willing spectators As audience members eat and drink, the Zuppas examine what love means in the 21st century, while leading an aerobics routine, holding a kangaroo court, spreading conspiracy theories and pumping out a soaring pop ballad to fix broken hearts.

Premiering this March, the finished version of Pop-Up Love Party will incorporate the food of Michelin-starred chef Daniel Burns.

Warning: the piece contains some strong language and pornographic images.


2. Onelight Theatre

Chess with The Doomsday Machine

A Onelight Theatre production

Presented by Prismatic Arts Festival

Alderney Landing

7:30 PM

A Onelight Theatre production

Presented by Prismatic Arts Festival

“truly awed… unlike any play I've seen… Brilliant. Breathtaking. Heartbreaking… pure magic” The Coast Magazine

“Powerful, nothing else like it” Media Co-Op

“a beautiful, lyrical journey… intimate, disturbing and deeply affecting” Chronicle Herald

Imagine that your hometown is attacked by an enemy army; how would this change the city and the people who live there? Chess with the Doomsday Machine is an intimate, entrancing play that examines the challenges faced by a young soldier as he balances his duty to defend his home with the need to protect a band of misfits who have stayed in the city.

Developed as an international co-production with artists in Iran and Canada, Chess with the Doomsday Machine, is an original adaptation of Iranian author Habib Ahmadzadeh’s novel of the same name.


3. The Agency Group

The Marquee

9:00 PM

After touring Ireland and Norway, Ben Caplan returns home to Halifax with his band The Casual Smokers to perform at The Marquee Ballroom on Sunday, Jan. 21. Special guest is Sarah MacDougall.

Ben Caplan 

On the strength of his 2011 debut album, In The Time of the Great Remembering, Caplan won numerous Canadian awards, including Music Nova Scotia’s 2012 Entertainer of the Year and the 2013 East Coast Music Award for Rising Star Recording. He’s shared stages with acts ranging from Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors to The Staves and Blondie. In addition to his 1000+ club shows, he has played major festivals around the world, including a prominent performance at the 2013 Glastonbury festival in the UK. His highly-anticipated second album is expected to drop mid-2015.

Sarah MacDougall

Described by Rootstime magazine in Belgium as ‘One of the greatest talents of our era,” Western Canadian Music Award winner Sarah MacDougall is an up and coming artist praised for her honest and poetic songs, passionate performances and unique voice. The Swedish-born MacDougall became the #1 most played artist on Canadian Galaxie Folk/Roots radio and 24 hrs Vancouver called her “one of the most promising exports out of Sweden since Abba.” Her new album is due out in early 2015.


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