Keynote Address


Time: 9:30 - 11:30

Location: Ballroom B, Intercontinental Hotel Toronto Centre

Panelist: Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor


View Andrew Taylor's presentation made at this year's conference.


For five decades now, nonprofit arts and culture organizations have focused on a corporate ideal. Using the mantras of the private sector — effectiveness, efficiency, professionalism, best practices, change management, accountability — a generation of arts leaders has struggled to graft business basics onto the world of creative expression.

But what if, all along the way, we fundamentally misunderstood what it meant to be run “like a business”? What if our management metaphors actually contribute to the problems we hope they will solve — separateness, disengagement, inflexibility, entropy, and stress? Join author, lecturer, researcher and revolutionary thinker Andrew Taylor, specialist in business model development and reflective management practice, as he explores new metaphors for and with the leadership of Canada’s presenting community.

The keynote is a must-attend for those of us *curious* about how to realize sustainability, deepen impact, align practice with purpose, and ensure relevance in today’s changing, dynamic world.


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