Trends in Mobile Technologies


Time: 14:30 - 16:30

Location: Wellington, InterContinental Hotel, Toronto Centre

Panelist: Bill Love, FaveQuest

Mobile technology is constantly changing. The high rate of change will continue in 2014 and beyond. New mobile devices, new apps, and new ways of thinking about mobile technology will evolve. Are you mobile ready? This talk will give you a brief overview of mobile technology and a look ahead at emerging trends, with a focus on the impact of mobile technology on event marketing. How can you promote your arts through this new medium? How can you use this new technology to connect with others? What is the relationship between social media and mobile technology? Learn how to apply mobile technologies to promote your events and engage your audience.

Bill Love

Bill Love is co-founder and president at FaveQuest, the company behind Bill has over 20 years experience developing high technology products, in a wide range of areas as diverse as telecommunications, audio conferencing, speech recognition, speech generation, grid and cluster computing, high performance computing, instant messaging and social media, and video motion graphics. Father of three, Bill plays hockey in the winter, and rides his motorcycle in the summer.

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