Life of a Deal


Time: 13:30 - 16:00

Location: Kingsway, Intercontinental Hotel Toronto Centre


Debbie Slade - Centre for the Arts, Brock University


Tom Kemp - The Feldman Agency

Julien Paquin - Paquin Entertainment Group

David Pay - Music on Main

Kurt Bagnell - Canmore Folk Music Festival


In this panel, we will hear from all of the main players in the life of “a deal” – artist, agent, manager and presenter. We will begin with the moderator painting a scenario that involves the artist/manager/agent deciding on a tour strategy and how that evolves into the agent and presenter in the negotiation process, riders, contracts, advancing, performance and settlement. While these discussions are taking place, the moderator will throw out various scenarios that will be bumps in the road along the way. Join our ‘players’ as we explore the different realities that take place in the touring and presenting cycle.


Debbie Slade

Debbie Slade has been the Director of the Centre for the Arts at Brock University since 1987. In her capacity there, she has earned a reputation as one of the most respected university/community presenters in Canada and arguably North America. Her program is considered one of the most comprehensive and successful presenting programs in Canada. She has led the way for numerous successful collaborations between the university and the community and has earned the distinction of being a trusted representative of both Brock University and Niagara community interests.

Tom kemp

Tom Kemp completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in history at Dalhousie University and gained experience in the music industry as a tour manager for Big Wreck, an A&R and promoter at Shoreline Records, and as the management assistant to the president of Motorjam Records. Today, Tom is an award-winning booking agent at The Feldman Agency and has a wide and diverse roster that spans what he believes is the best within each genre. Tom has developed artists at every level of the business in clubs, theatres, arenas, and festivals.

Julien Paquin

Raised in an environment suffused with music and creativity, he displayed a natural aptitude for the industry from an early age and in 1993, joined his father, Gilles, as an agent at Paquin Entertainment. In a short time, Julien fortified the value of his role at the company and developed a vision to push the Agency to new levels. In 1999, propelled by continued dedication and success within the Agency, Julien spearheaded the opening of Paquin Entertainment's Toronto office. Under Julien's direction, the Agency roster has steadily grown to over 150 acts, representing a broad spectrum of musical styles. Julien's commitment and contribution to both Paquin Entertainment and the industry-at-large continues to be recognized; he recently won his sixth Canadian Country Music Award for Agent of the Year.

Kurt Bagnell


Since October, 2012 Kurt has been the director at the Canmore Folk Music Festival - Alberta’s longest running folk festival set in the beautiful Rocky Mountains where he oversees the programming, marketing, administration, fundraising and production for the festival. Prior to this, Kurt was manager of presentations at The Banff Centre where he worked for over 30 years. He was responsible for planning, organizing and presenting a performing arts series that was a virtual smorgasbord of dance, music, theatre, family and multi-cultural events. The series featured artists of regional, national, and international prominence as well as new, emerging artists and original works, with a high priority on Canadian programming.

Kurt was also responsible for marketing and promotion of these presentations, staff and facility management, and sponsorship/fundraising for the series. Over the years, Kurt has worked with many presentors and presenting networks, festivals and arts service organizations across Canada, the U.S., and abroad. He has been actively involved as a board member and jury member for numerous organizations and has attended a myriad of showcases, conferences, festivals, and performances - most of which he remembers.


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