Technology As Opportunity: Projecting the Future of the Performing Arts


Time: 10:00 - 11:30

Location: Kingsway, Intercontinental Hotel Toronto Centre

Facilitator: Frédéric Julien


Technology As Opportunity: Projecting the Future of the Performing Arts

Live shows have been taped and sold on VHS and DVD for decades. The digitization of live recording is about to make a gigantic leap as Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks and holographic technologies become mainstream. It will soon be commonplace for anyone to record and webcast a performance using a handheld device - even in 3D, in real time.  Join this highly interactive workshop as participants explore ways in which these technologies might be harnessed by presenters. How can one replicate the act of presenting online? How can interaction with a remote audience be effectively achieved? Which business models can generate financial and/or societal returns? Leadership beckons.


Frédéric Julien

Frédéric Julien has been active in the performing arts for several years as an artist, a cultural manager and a consultant. Frédéric has worked at the department of Canadian Heritage, at Réseau Ontario and at CAPACOA, where he currently manages research and arts promotion activities. As a volunteer, he also chairs the Canadian Arts Coalition’s Research and policy committee and he represents the sector at the Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st century.


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