Vitrines 2017



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ReQuickening, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre

Provoking, conceptual and visceral Re-Quickening is a timely call for reawakening the intact feminine. Through bold imagery, sound and embodied Indigenous narratives, it is a re-affirmation of life and sovereignty of female voice and body. Re-storying into balance Re-Quickening is a women’s renewal ceremony. Conceived through an Indigenous creation process, it’s a spiritual resurgence, a piecing together of shards of knowledge, tipping colonialism on its head. The performance touches and moves forward through themes of dislocation from land, body and voice, the history of violence against Indigenous women since contact, residential schools, assimilative process of the Indian Act towards reclaiming women’s medicine, power and connection to land and creative force.


Cynthia Lickers-Sage

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre


Barbra Lica

Barbra Lica est une étoile montante sur la scène jazz canadienne, remarquée pour son style vocal subtil et raffiné. Elle se produit avec Marc Rogers (basse), Tom Fleming (guitare, ukulélé), Joel Visentin (piano, accordéon) et Will Fisher (batterie).


Jim West
Wild West Artist Management



Une musique où s'entremêlent les cultures, originalement métissée, des chansons livrées avec énergie et aplomb, voguant autant sur des rythmes andalous et berbères que sur des grooves reggae, latin et chaabi marocain, flirtant même par moments avec la pop et le rock. Un amalgame unique qui attire les curieux et qui sait convaincre les plus passionnés des musiques du monde.


Annick Beauvais
Coop Les Faux-Monnayeurs




Virtuosité, musicalité, élégance, sensualité, humour : Quartango décline un tango riche en émotions... Composé de musiciens de haut niveau, soudés par une passion commune du tango et mus par une volonté toujours renouvelée de rejoindre intimement le public, Quartango offre des prestations toutes en nuances, aux couleurs métissées, à la fois ancrées dans la tradition classique, la modernité et l’effervescence des milongas.


Marco Fortier
Agence Station Bleue


Stephanie Morin-Robert, BLINDSIDE

When Stéphanie was 2-years-old she lost her left eye to Cancer and has had a glass eye ever since. She establishes a trusting and safe environment with her audience by sharing her own touching and often hilarious experiences of working through her insecurities and coming to terms with her disability.

Stephanie is a multi-disciplinary artist focused on breaking society's taboos, directly addressing often uncomfortable issues. Her work is a special combination of live video project, comedy, puppetry, and dance that taps into her audiences' capacity for honesty, empathy and vulnerability. Her workshops give people of the community a chance to shape their personal experience into a short story, several of which are then chosen to open her show.


Stephanie Symns

New Works



Ouroboros is a five-piece band from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, currently thrilling audiences with the unexpectedly raw, energetic sound of horns and percussion. Combining tight instrumental harmonies with vocals and drums, Ouroboros is a versatile musical force that draws from a smorgasbord of melodies and grooves from around the world: Heavy beats of West Africa, folk traditions of Eastern Europe and a healthy dose of jazz and funk.


Mary Beth Waldram


Voyageurs Immobiles, Cie de création, Going through

Hodan Youssouf, actrice sourde d’origine somalienne, est Youmna et Florence Blain Mbaye, jeune actrice entendante d’origine montréalaise, est Nour. Sur scène, Nour et Youmna racontent, chacune dans leur langue. L’univers visuel est créé par l’artiste interdisciplinaire d’origine syrienne, Khadija Baker, qui utilise des cheveux humains pour composer l’imagerie vidéographique. La compositrice Diane Labrosse signe l’environnement sonore pour sa deuxième collaboration avec Voyageurs Immobiles (La femme corbeau, Théâtre Prospero 2013). La comédienne et mime Francine Alepin agit à titre de conseillère au mouvement. Traversée est une histoire d’exil, d’héritages inconscients, de parcours intérieur, de séparation et de nécessaire reconstruction.


Milena Buziak
Voyageurs Immobiles, Cie de création


Ladom Ensemble

Ladom Ensemble, a vibrant combination of Persian and Balkan musics in a contemporary acoustic music framework, co-creates art and ideas that transcends differences. Ladom Ensemble is a very ‘Canadian group’ [Errol Nazereth, CBC] that presents original Canadian compositions and arrangements for accordion, cello, piano, and hand percussions.

Their accessible but varied acoustic sound appeals to audiences in a wide age range. They have been presented on BBC, CBC, and Radio-Canada among others. Ladom Ensemble’s full length album was described as “great music in a new world music direction…wide-ranging original sound…their chamber sensibilities are well-suited” by The Wholenote Magazine.


Faye Perkins
Real World Artist Management Inc.


Miguel de Armas Quartet

The Miguel de Armas Quartet, founded in 2012, featuring Marc Decho on bass, Michel Medrano on drums and Arien Villegas on congas.

This musical ensemble has been creating a vivid impression in the national capital region with their lively performances and deep commitment to excellence. They blend tasteful and show stopping musical arrangements taken from the classic jazz standards, Cuban traditional music and Miguel’s own inspirational compositions.
This fine ensemble adds a powerful and unique sound: Cuban, African, World Music and Jazz all brought together under the talented leadership of Miguel.

This band has demonstrated masterful, independent yet collaborative playing, with an articulated, impassioned and powerful synchronicity.


Yasmina Proveyer
MDA Productions

Marina Thibeault

Reconnue pour “sa sonorité riche et profonde ainsi que sa virtuosité et son enthousiasme exceptionnel”, l’altiste Marina Thibeault voyage dans le monde en tant que récitaliste, musicienne de chambre et soliste. Marina est une fervente ambassadrice de la musique nouvelle, et elle cherche à soutenir la diversité et l'innovation dans le monde de la musique classique. Elle se fait un devoir d'enrichir le répertoire pour alto en collaborant étroitement avec plusieurs compositeurs, parmi lesquels Jean Lesage dit de son jeu: «Il y a de la musicalité à chaque instant».


Eoin Ó Catháin
Latitude 45 Arts


TOMÁŠ KUBÍNEK - Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible

Tomáš Kubínek's internationally acclaimed solo performances play to packed theaters around the world. After a sold-out run on Broadway, The New York Times lauded his work as "Absolutely expert!"

A collision of theatre and music-hall, his exuberant one-man show is equal parts comic brilliance, virtuosic vaudeville and irresistible charm.


Tara Bailey

Fox Entertainment Agency


Ramshackle Theatre, Tombstone: A cardboard western

With all of the puppets and set constructed from cardboard, hot glue and magnets Tombstone mashes the genres of science fiction and westerns and blends the worlds of puppetry and film.

Petal, a lonesome cowgirl working at the robot western-styled amusement park town of Tombstone dreams of creating her own wild- west entertainment show with a real live cowboy. When Hank rides into town Petal seizes the opportunity to use Hank’s cowboy skills but doesn’t count on falling in love with the drifter cowboy.

Set against the backdrop of a robot uprising Petal struggles with her own identity when she finds herself in a love triangle with Hank and a robot cowboy. Tombstone is part spaghetti western, part Westworld and all cardboard!


Brian Fidler

Ramshackle Theatre