Leading the Way with Re:Sound

March 6, 2014 - CAPACOA has been working hard with regards to Re:Sound tariffs over the last few months, and we have made significant progress.

As indicated in our last update, CAPACOA submitted a series of recommendations to Re:Sound in August. Re:Sound responded in late December, indicating that they were in agreement with several of our recommendations and providing reassurance as to their proposed fee increases.


In January and February, we intensified consultations with CAPACOA members, with arts service organizations, as well as with other objectors (status obtained by duly filing an objection with the Copyright Board). Among many things, we aligned our position with the Canadian Associations of Fairs and Exhibition (CAFE), an objector to the Tariff 5.D (Festivals, Exhibitions and Fairs).

The outcomes of these consultations were summarized in CAPACOA’s response to a notice of the Copyright Board regarding Tariffs 5. They were also brought to Re:Sound in a productive meeting held earlier this week. Once again, Re:Sound was very collaborative, and we are now one step closer to designing simple and fair tariffs that correspond to how recorded music is being used by performing arts organizations.

Now, over the next months:

  • We will work with Re:Sound to refine amended Tariff 5.A (Music Accompanying Live Entertainment) and Tariff 5.D (Festivals, Exhibitions and Fairs), so they can be filed and certified by the Copyright Board;
  • We may be provided opportunities to request further amendments on revised tariffs already filed with the Copyright Board; and,
  • We will seek a settlement for CAPACOA members pertaining to the past periods of tariffs in question.

Finally, we have been receiving a growing number of questions since we advised CAPACOA members to start passing on Tariff 5.B (Receptions, Conventions, Assemblies and Fashion Shows) licences to their rental clients. We welcome these questions as they help us understand the sector’s concerns. We will continue to answer questions raised by CAPACOA members and we invite everyone to also look for information in Re:Sound’s useful Frequently Asked Questions.



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